Weider 7-Foot Olympic Barbell for 2” Olympic-Sized Weight Plates, 3-Piece


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Bring home the power to build total-body strength with the Weider 7-Foot Olympic Barbell. Featuring an innovative 3-piece design, you can easily build your barbell with included pins that keep your equipment in once piece after a single assembly. Olympic-sized sleeves are compatible with 2” weight plates, which are sold separately. Partial diamond knurling along the handle helps you maintain your grip through each intense workout, and is especially effective when paired with lifting chalk (sold separately). Tested to comfortably support up to 310 pounds, this Olympic barbell gives you the ability to perform a variety of powerful compound lifts from the comfort of your own home gym. Execute squats, deadlifts, bench press, and countless other exercises with this versatile piece of weightlifting equipment. A sleek black finish helps this durable barbell feel at home in any weightlifter’s gym, and it can be easily stored upright in a corner in between sets or workouts.

7-Foot Olympic Barbell

  • Measuring 7 feet in length, this Olympic barbell is compatible with most weight benches and home gym systems

3-Piece Design

  • This barbell initially comes in three pieces and can be easily assembled with included pins
  • Once assembled, the barbell remains in one piece

Partial Diamond Knurling

  • Partial knurling along the handle helps you maintain your grip as you perform a variety of strength-building exercises

Holds 2″ Olympic Weight Plates

  • This durable barbell features Olympic sleeves that are compatible with 2″ weight plates
  • Weight plates sold separately

310 Lb. Maximum Weight Capacity

  • Confidently lift up to 310 pounds knowing that your Olympic barbell has been thoroughly tested

Perform Compound Lifts

  • Barbells are the perfect tool to perform a variety of strength-building exercises like deadlifts, bench press, rack pulls, shoulder press, and squats

25.5 Pound Barbell

Weight Plates Sold Separately